Jeannie Mai


When I first began my project with James W. Thompson Jr, I expected a routine execution of my expectations. What I received instead was a heartfelt, unforgettable experience that still lives with me today.

It started out as a prayer box- I needed a basic box mounted at the top of a hill that would invite people to engage as a community. James not only captured my vision in his steps of creating the box, but he suggested the most innovative, time consuming details on his end that would make the box later become a landmark of it’s kind.

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Through this grueling process of several months, James put into the box his own vision of love, selflessness, and integrity.

All this to say that James W. Thompson is more than a contractor, set designer, or any title you could use to describe. He is a visionary with tools of heart and soul. The work asked of him will be executed to the best of expectations, but guaranteed it will have a remarkable quality that will touch the lives of others.